TV DVD activation modules

VideoIn Motion - TV activation via OBD dongle and as a plug & play interface

For security reasons, viewing moving pictures is blocked in all vehicles at the factory. If the vehicle rolls away, a safety notice is shown on the display of the radio or navigation device. The TV or DVD playback are no longer faded in. The activation should primarily enable the front passenger and passengers to use the TV & DVD function while driving.

Viewing moving images while driving is prohibited by law or liability insurance in many countries. In Germany, the driver of a vehicle is responsible for ensuring that his vision and hearing are not impaired by technical devices without a specific prohibition. The TV activation should only enable the front passenger and other vehicle occupants to use TV and DVD while driving. The customer must ensure that activated devices do not impair the driver's attention. Usage on own risk! The company Wibutec is not liable for damages resulting from theidle use.

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