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Volkswagen Telestart (T91) Fernbedienung für VW T6 mit vorhandener Standheizung und Uhr im Dachhimmel

Item number: ESH-T6-T91

Volkswagen Telestart (T91) Fernbedienung für VW T6 Facelift mit vorhandener Standheizung und Uhr im Dachhimmel
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Erweiterungsset Volkswagen Telestart T91 Fernbedienung für VW T6 mit Standheizung und Bedienung über Uhr
zur Erweiterung für Fahrzeuge mit Standheizung und Uhr in Dachkonsole ohne Fernbedienung

Wärme per Knopfdruck: Telestart T91
Der Telestart T91 verfügt über eine einfache On- / Off-Funktion und eine Reichweite von bis zu 1.000 Metern. Seine Rückmeldefunktion signalisiert sofort, ob Ihre Standheizung aktiviert bzw. ausgeschaltet wurde. Wie alle Webasto Funkfernbedienungen überzeugt der Telestart T91 durch attraktive Optik, einfache Bedienung und höchste Zuverlässigkeit. Weitere Fernbedienungen (optional) können am System angemeldet werden.

Unser Aufrüstsatz beinhaltet alle benötigten Teile und passt bei allen VW T6 ab MJ. 2016 mit Standheizung. Zum Anschluss müssen lediglich 3 Kabel angeschlossen werden (Dauerstrom, Masse, Schaltleitung zur Standheizung). Eine Anschlussanleitung liegt unserem Nachrüstset bei. Montagedauer ca. 1 Stunde, es wird kein spezielles Werkzeug benötigt!

  • Volkswagen T91 Fernbedienung
  • Volkswagen Empfänger mit Halterung
  • fahrzeugspezifischer Kabelsatz
  • Anschlussanleitung

  • ca. 1 Stunde

Angebot gültig für
alle VW T6 mit Standheizung ab Werk
geeignet für Fahrzeuge mit Climatronic und Climatic

Nicht geeignet für Fahrzeuge mit der PR.-Nr. 7VG (Standheizung mit Zeitschaltuhr plus Zuheizer), hierbei handelt es sich lediglich um eine Luftzusatzheizung. Für diese Fahrzeuge verwenden Sie bitte unseren Aufrüstsatz mit der Artikelnummer AZH-T6

Auf Anfrage ist die Installation durch unseren hauseigenen Einbauservice möglich (Aufpreis 169 Euro)

Einbau & Montage:
Durch unser geschultes Fachpersonal garantieren wir Ihnen den fachgerechten Einbau unserer Produkte in unserer Werkstatt in Bielefeld. Richten Sie Ihre Terminanfrage bitte an: oder nutzen Sie das Kontaktformular im Onlineshop. Bitte geben Sie stets die gewünschte Artikelnummer sowie Ihre Fahrgestellnummer vom Fahrzeug an.

Ihnen ist die Anreise nach Bielefeld zu weit? Auf unserer Webseite unter finden Sie von uns ausgewählte Einbaupartner welche die gewünschte Nachrüstung an Ihrem Fahrzeug ebenfalls gerne durchführen. Für die Montage durch einen unserer Einbaupartner schließen Sie mit dem Fachhändler einen gesonderten Vertrag über die gewünschte Dienstleistung ab. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Einbaupreise unserer Einbaupartner von unseren Preisen abweichen können.

GTA / Tempomaten

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Vehicles with an auxiliary heater can be identified on the nameplate, which is located either in the engine compartment, in the driver's door or in the tank lid, depending on the vehicle model. The most common manufacturers are "Webasto" and "Eberspächer".

You can also send us an email to, based on the chassis number, we check whether an auxiliary heater is installed and whether this can be upgraded to a parking heater.

Examples of different Volkswagen vehicles:

Nameplate "Webasto Thermo Top EVO" in the driver door - VW-T6

Nameplate "Eberspächer Hydronic II" in der B-Pillar - VW Touareg II (7P)

The heaters in the models VW Sharan, VW Caddy and VW Touran were programmed with an automatic shutdown at a voltage below 11.3 volts. Here, the voltage measured at the heater control unit is evaluated; if it is below 11.3 V, the heater will not start. In older models, it makes sense to reduce the cut-off voltage. 

  • Enclosed you find further information:
    • Call up address 18 auxiliary heating
    • Select adaptation channel 1
    • enter new value and save (for example 100 for 10 volts)

The most common reason for this is a defective circulating pump. If this is defective, the currently heated water is not displaced - the heater switches off to prevent overheating. Please check the circulation pump via final control diagnosis.

No, if the parking heater is an auxiliary heater that has been upgraded, it can only be operated using the ordered operating device (such as a timer or remote control).

Please use the following output signal for your vehicle:

  • VW Caddy / VW Touran 1T / VW Sharan 7N / Seat Alhambra 7N
    The clock output signal must be set to TT-Z / C / E

  • VW T5 / T6 / VW Amarok / VW Touareg 7L / Audi Q7 4L
    The output signal of the clock must be set to TT-EVO

  • How to set the output signal while a power socket is shown in the display:

This display appears automatically if no output signal has been selected yet. Enter the selection menu for the selection as follows: Press and hold the ON button + rotary knob together for a few seconds.

Now the output signal can be set again.


If you have already selected another output signal by mistake, please proceed as follows to redial the output signal:

Settings / Setup, then on the far right to reset, confirm this with OK. As soon as the clock is displayed, immediately press and hold down the rotary control and the ON button. Now the output signal can be selected again. Please select the appropriate output signal for your vehicle. Then set the day of the week, time and the desired language.

The remote control of a Webasto T91 or T100 must be paired as follows:

1. Insert the battery into the battery compartment of the remote control
2. Disconnect the power supply of the receiving unit (unplug the plug or pull out the fuse)
3. Wait at least 5 seconds and restore power
4. After about 2 seconds, but within 6 seconds, press the OFF button on the remote for at least 1 second
5. Learning finished. A maximum of 4 remote transmitters can be paired in the same way. For further teach-in processes, the "oldest" remote will be deleted.

This can have several causes, please work through the following points:

1. Has our upgrade kit been installed according to the instructions?
Please check all connections again.

2. Is the fuel tank at least 1/4 full?
The heater does not start if the fuel tank is not at least 1/4 full.

3. Is the battery sufficiently charged?
The heater has a cut-off voltage of 11.3 volts. Please charge the battery accordingly. In the VW Caddy, VW Touran, VW Sharan 7N and Seat Alhambra 7N models, the cut-off voltage below the matching channel 01 can be reduced to 10 volts (for example, enter the value 100 instead of 113).

4. Has the GSM module been configured accordingly? (only if this was ordered)
For configuration see FAQ's.

5. Has the Webasto-Clock been configured accordingly? (only if ordered)
For configuration see FAQ's.

6. Has the remote control been paired? (only if the T91 or T100 has been ordered)
To pair the remote control, see FAQ's.

7. Are error entries stored in the heater control unit?
Please check fault memory in the address 18-heater by diagnosis. The heater will start, but it will go off after about 1 minute: The most common cause for this is a defective circulating pump. A defective circulating pump is not stored as an error in the fault memory. Please check the pump for this reason by means of final control diagnosis (address 18-heating). The pump must work audible and tactile.

To activate the Danhag GPS module, use the following link:

The serial number is always supplied with the GPS module.

The Danhag GSM module must be configured before using first time.

Use the following configurator from the manufacturer:

On the first page select the type as well as the version of the delivered module and then go to "next". On the following page you can now select the authorized telephone numbers, the duration of then heating and the output signal which the GSM have to put out while using it.

The following output signal must be selected:

  • Volkswagen Touran, Caddy, Sharan 7N and Seat Alhambra 7N:
    please select the signal "+ 12V" (if the GPS module was ordered please select W-Bus 4).

If you would like to use the auxiliary ventilation in summer, please select the output signal "Stand ventilation".

  • Volkswagen Amarok, T5, T6, Touareg 7L, Audi Q7 4L:
    please select the output signal "W-Bus 3".
  • Volkswagen Touareg 7P:
    please select the output signal "E-Bus 5".
  • Audi A4 8K, A5 8T, Q5 8R, A6 4G, A7 4G, A8 4H:
    please select the output signal "E-Bus 5".

Our upgrade kits from auxiliary heater to parking heater are designed so that the software of the heater does not have to be changed (except VW T6 and VW Amarok up from 08.2016). After our upgrade set has been installed, the parking heater can be put into operation immediately.

Additional information Volkswagen T6
Our upgrade kits for the Volkswagen T6 and Amarok up from 08.2016 include the corresponding software on CD and the required Webasto dongle. The tool for programming (article number WBUSDI) can be ordered for 59 Euro. To use the tool you need a laptop with two free USB inputs.

We are happy to carry out the software modification / activation of the auxiliary heater for you after installation of our upgrade kit for free in our garage for you. For this purpose, bring the USB stick (blue dongle) enclosed with the set and the software CD (W-Bus diagnostic interface does not have to be purchased separatel​​​​​​​y!)

Vehicles such as e.g. the Audi A4, A5 and Q5 as well as the new VW Touran and Tiguan have an electric heater, these unfortunately can not be upgraded to a parking heater.

A workshop visit or a software update will not affect the function of the auxiliary heater.

The blower level is preset for vehicles equipped with a Climatronic and corresponds to the blower level defined by the independent heater manufacturer. Only in vehicles with manual or without air conditioning, you can choose the blower level yourself. Here we recommend the blower level 1, max 2. to choose.

Climatronic: Climatronic

Manual air conditioning or heating
• KH2 Climatic air conditioning (semi-automatic) in the driver's cab plus passenger compartment ventilation with 2nd heater
• 9AJ air conditioning with mechanical control and 2nd heater in the passenger compartment
• 9AP air conditioning Climatic (semi-automatic)

The list continues. If your air conditioner is not listed, please contact us.

Second battery

Yes, but this only applies to the Volkswagen T5 before facelift. In the VW T5 from 2010 and in the VW T6 is the connection line in most vehicles already factory, this can be found tied under the driver's seat. Our connection set is always included in our retrofit kit, so if it is not already in the factory kit, then the supplied one can be used.

Basically all vehicle batteries with a height of 175mm can be used. Batteries with a height of 195mm also fit under the driver's seat, but make sure that the battery poles are well covered (risk of short circuit!

In principle, all consumers can be reconnected to the second battery. Of course, only consumers who are also used in the state are re-clamped, this includes, for example the following consumers: interior lights, sockets, radio, heater and internal fan.

Volkswagen T5 facelift and T6:
If the individual cables which are connected to the 10 mm≤ wired line are clamped on the second battery, this would already supply the following consumers with the second battery: interior lights in the rear, sockets in the rear. The fuse holder with our 4 individual cables included in our retrofit kit can be used to reconnect other consumers.

If you tell us which consumers you would like to additionally reconnect, we would be happy to inform you about the respective backup locations. In this case, please also indicate the chassis number.

No, in principle, the factory-installed battery is sufficient. This should of course be in good condition and fully charged. The driving time after a parking heater operation should be about the duration of the heating so that the battery can be recharged accordingly.

In cars such as Volkswagen T5 and T6, the heater and the interior fan can be re-clamped to the secondary battery, suitable cable harnesses including instructions can be found in our online shop. Of course, a second battery in each Volkswagen T5 and T6 can also be retrofitted.

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