How can I order exempt from VAT (= VAT free)?

The dispatch to traders in countries within the European Union (for example Austria / Italy) is already automatically exempt from German VAT (currently 19%).

Please keep in mind that you have to enter your VAT number in the order process. The German VAT is then automatically deducted already in the order process - you need from us no special activation, etc. before placing an order in our shop.

Shipping to countries outside the European Union (for example Switzerland) is exempt from German VAT (currently 19%). We always attach to a delivery all necessary customs documents / export certificates.

INFO: You would like to have an order delivered to the German border and then spend it yourself in Switzerland?

Unfortunately, a refund of the dt. 19% VAT after export. to Switzerland not possible (a refund for goods which serve the carriage is not valid according to the valid German jurisprudence) - thus we can not offer this unfortunately.

We recommend direct shipping to the destination country - this is already always exempt from German VAT and is much more comfortable.