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Coding Activation of a retrofitted AHK trailer coupling in your Audi, VW, Seat or Skoda at a fixed price

Item number: CAHK-VAG

Our offer includes all necessary coding on your vehicle after completion of a retrofitted trailer hitch. The codes are made by appointment by telephone in our workshop. No follow-up costs, it is a complete offer.
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You have retrofitted a towbar on your Audi A1 8X and now need the final coding for the perfect function? We carry these on your vehicle for a fixed price!

A subsequently attached towbar works without the appropriate coding - no question. But what dangers do I get if the final codings have not been done? Learn more about the meaning and purpose of the final coding in the following lines and why it is so important to code the respective ECUs - so tell you that they are now installed in a vehicle with trailer operation.

The engine control unit
The engine control unit is not only responsible for the injection and ignition, also the full engine cooling is controlled by the engine control unit. Only with the appropriate coding on the towbar operation, this can use a special map for the required engine cooling to avoid overheating and thus damage to the engine. In addition, the start / stop system is automatically deactivated in trailer operation.

The ABS control unit
The ABS control unit also assumes the functions of stability control, the so-called ESP. Only with the appropriate coding of the ABS control unit is this able to distinguish between the normal operation and the operation with trailer. So if a trailer is pulled, the controller behaves differently - a special program for trailer operation is selected, this contains the so-called trailer stabilization. In hazardous situations, the control unit thus controls a hurling and thus prevents dangerous situations. The upswing of the trailer is significantly reduced.

The control unit for the parking aid
A connected trailer is detected by the parking sensors as an obstacle, the parking aid beeps so when reversing continuously and warns of an obstacle. Only with the appropriate coding is the control unit of the parking aid able to deactivate the rear sensors in trailer operation. At the same time, the radio display shows your vehicle with the trailer attached, the perpetual beeping no longer bothers you, and you can better concentrate on maneuvering when resetting.

The control unit for the lane change assistant
The coding of this control unit is particularly important - with a connected trailer, this assistance system must not be able to be switched on or must be deactivated automatically! The SWA is programmed so that it takes into account only its own vehicle length and makes it possible for you to release or deny it. This signal is signaled via the corresponding indicator lights in the exterior mirror area. If this control unit is not coded for trailer operation, then it can be turned on without restriction, but does not take into account the now new, for the control unit unknown trailer length.

The control unit for the distance control (adaptive cruise control)
For your safety, the automatic distance control works in trailer mode with reduced dynamics and the environment monitoring system with a limited functionality. Only with the appropriate coding, the control unit operates according to the new conditions and thus prevents possible dangerous situations.

The control unit for the electrical system / comfort system
When towing a trailer, the rear fog lamp must not be activated on the vehicle; it may only light up on the trailer when the switch is activated. In addition, the legislator calls for the signaling of a defective flashing light on the trailer. As a rule, this is represented by a separate light in the tachometer unit or by an increased flashing frequency of the display in the instrument cluster. Both the connection of the rear fog lamp and the lamp failure detection function only after the corresponding coding of the control unit.

The control unit for the electric tailgate
In vehicles, which are equipped with an electric tailgate, it must not be open in trailer operation, damage to the vehicle should be avoided. Unintentional operation on the remote key could lead to body damage if e.g. a bike carrier is mounted. With the appropriate coding of the control unit, the unintentional opening of the tailgate is prevented.

The control unit for the anti-theft alarm system
When the vehicle is locked, the alarm triggers as soon as the electrical connection to the trailer is disconnected, this function is only available with the appropriate coding.

  • We have listed only the most relevant ECU codes for you, some more codings are required. Of course, our offer includes all necessary coding on your vehicle.
  • If you order the retrofitting of a trailer hitch with us, all necessary ECU codes are of course included in the installation price and will not be charged separately.
  • Please note that functions such as the trailer stabilization, always an equipment of the vehicle. Not all vehicles have this special equipment.

Notes on variant selection (manual coding and coding by SVM code)

  • manually performed codings
    All necessary codes are made by us manually on the vehicle - with your invoice, you will receive a printout of all modified codes handed out by us.
  • Coding via SVM (software version management)
    All necessary codings are made online via the vehicle manufacturer by means of a so-called SVM code. The new "Towbar" equipment is added to the chassis number in the factory. Please note that this type of coding is not available for all vehicle models. If these is no SVM-Code available, only manual coding can be used.

Please make an appointment with us by phone to make the desired coding. Duration for the workshop stay: max. 30 minutes

For online coding via SVM code with return documentation to the factory, we need your vehicle for about 1-1.5 hours.

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